“This world is suffering” by Demoralizer


The album

Demoralizer’s album “This World is Suffering” is a powerful collection of tracks that paints a moving picture of a world in despair.

The opening track, “The Stones of my tomb,” sets the tone with heavy guitars, driving drums, and lyrics that take a deep look into the suffering of everyday life. From there, the album progresses through various styles and moods, exploring the multiple shades of despair and injustice. Each track is expertly crafted and arranged to provide an emotional experience that will empower listeners. The overall production quality is excellent, and the soundscape is expansive. For an intense, passionate, and immersive musical experience, “This World is Suffering” is a must-listen.

The album seamlessly transitions between aggressive and melodic moments, creating an exciting dynamic between the heavy and more reflective moments. The production quality is top-notch, allowing each instrument to shine in its own right. The lyrics are passionate and meaningful, tackling existentialism and personal struggles. Overall, “This World is Suffering” is a powerful and highly listenable album that will leave a lasting impression.


Hailing from the Netherlands, Demoralizer was formed in 2019 after Yuri and Jacco decided to write new material together for a new death metal project after their previous band broke up. In late 2019, vocalist Reinder joined the band. Reinder was previously a drummer in technical death metal band “El Chupa Cabre” and wanted to continue as a vocalist with another band. Without any experience as a vocalist, his vocals match the sound of Demoralizer.

In April 2020, drummer Pascal Payens joined the band. Pascal had previously gained the necessary experience with a.o.
bands such as Vermin, Syncardion, and Chainsaw Surgery and has further released several studio projects under Dark
Attic Records.

In early 2021 it was decided to record and release an EP release. In an advanced stage of recording, the guitarist
Yuri became seriously ill in November 2021 and was diagnosed with cancer.

He is currently still, at the time of writing this biography still, under complete treatment but has, after multiple surgeries still, managed to complete all guitar recordings and songwriting.

We are therefore proud as a band that we managed to get our EP “This World Is Suffering” released. Our music consists mainly of modern death metal with varying influences from black metal to deathcore influences.

Roelof Klop Music Productions did the production and mixing of our EP. And the mastering was performed by multiple Grammy winners Nacho Molino.


Can you elaborate on what the common thread of the album is? Is there a message?

Reinder : A common thread is not gigantically clear, the EP came about slowly after the band was formed, and so some individual songs were written first. If there is a common thread, it’s the themes of nihilism, fatalism, or just being downright deliciously dissatisfied with the current state of the world or your own life. You can notice this in songs like Silence, about how the increasing number of people on Earth is more of a bin of noise rather than an idyllic world; “Alive to Die” is nihilistic. There is no opinion in life, so why do your best then? Children of Armageddon has a somewhat societal commentary tone. This is about taking over a world that has been fucked up by previous generations. Purely speculative all, of course, otherwise we are all very positive and kind and love everyone on earth equally.

What do you mean by “This World is Suffering”?

Reinder : “This world is suffering” sums up the themes. A lot is going on in the world, everyone’s life and psyche. In a way, it sometimes feels absurd that something as interesting as consciousness develops on a hot rock floating through space, only to come to a point where pain and suffering are a very present part of it. You would almost think that “our home” is a cosmic joke at times. As the last sentence says, “I brought you fire and light so you could see this hell you call your home.”

Yuri: Adding to this, I think that the title of our EP and its release in October this year is a perfect fit in terms of timing given the war that broke out early this year between Russia / Ukraine and the subsequent economic crisis, with corona and increasing polarization within our society. We also tried to express this visually with our artwork of our EP.

What are your big examples of bands in metal music?

Reinder (vocals): funnily enough, the old singer of my previous band El Chupacabra, I fooled around with that a lot in the past and adopted some vocal techniques. Besides that, my favorites rotate, but some top ones: are Cattle Decapitation, Shadow of Intent, Archspire, Aborted, Thy Art is Murder, Children of Bodom, and Dimmu Borgir. Recently a lot of Benighted, Tallah, and Turmion Kätilot, all three quite separately but just as loud.

Yuri (Guitars): I used to start at 15 by listening to Rammstein, Cradle of Filth, and started playing everything by ear to learn how to play metal. Soon some extremer with Pantera, and I started listening more and more to death metal. Eventually, the band Necrophagist opened my eyes and got me more toward the tech death metal angle, which led me to discover even more good death metal bands. My spectrum ranges from death metal: Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Soreption, The Zenith Passage, metalcore: “Chimaira,” Deathcore: Jinjer, Suicide Silence to more progressive bands like Opeth, Haken. When writing new songs, I pick some aspects as inspiration from the aforementioned bands and make them into my unique piece.

What inspires you guys to make music ?

Reinder: being angry and dissatisfied! Come on it’s metal. The primary emotion I try to put in the mic is anger. Luckily I can easily get worked up by looking on the internet to see what is weird shit is happening in the world. Inspiration enough! I love my close circle of friends, but besides that, I’m pretty introverted, so there can be some weird shit brewing inside me.
Yuri: For me, it’s an outlet and way to express my creativity to give people an exciting piece of music to listen to and hopefully inspire others. And following Reinder’s story: I like to play brutal guitar riffs with a good groove where the audience also has the opportunity to headbang.
Interesting facts about the band or the recording of This World is Suffering?

Yuri: fun fact: our vocalist Reinder used to be the drummer in the tech death metal El Chupacabra for years. It turned out he had a pretty good voice that suited our band, and I think you can hear that very well on our EP.

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