About Us

# Vision

Music has always been and will always be a unique expression of an individual who can share feelings through music.

But music has become more and more a business throughout the years where emotions and feelings are “industrialized” on a large scale.

Metal has always kept a sense of “uniqueness” and “purity” and until now, the genre has evolved but not dramatically changed its origins.

A large part of the success of metal can be explained by the use of guitars. Metal is a true advocate of this instrument in its grandness and musical expression.

# Mission

This website is dedicated to all the metal fans in the world. And to all the metal bands who gave me so much pleasure and excitement throughout the years.

I’m trying to give on this website on a daily or weekly basis an overview of interesting trends/videos and news about what is going on in metal, Hardrock, and other heavy stuff.

We will share videos about guitar playing techniques and other interesting stuff about the most beautiful instrument in the world: the guitar.

The only thing I sometimes miss is humor in metal music. We will try to change this and post regular videos which can make us laugh.

Sometimes this is a lot of work but it is always fun. But I sure could need a hand. If you feel like helping and if you can write an interesting article, please submit your personal data to me and we can look together at what we can do.

– help & support all metal bands in the world
– detect interesting trends in the genre
– learn starting bands to play the guitar
– discover fun and humor in metal and promote it