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The Worst Metal/Rock Dad Jokes Of All Time (feat. 2SICH)


So you might have seen myself and 2SICH collab on a few videos now, but never before like this! For this extra-special video we decided to ditch our guitars and instead focus on our other shared passion…DAD JOKES! We set ourselves the challenge or coming up with 10 terrible, terrible jokes based around Metal bands/guitar, and then share them with each other to see whose was worst. The results were even more terrible than you could’ve ever imagined…

0:00 Intro
1:46 Iron Maiden joke
2:16 Opeth joke
2:33 Metallica joke
3:00 Michael Jackson joke
3:26 Mastodon joke
3:50 Pantera joke
4:18 Primus joke
4:46 Tool joke
4:58 Punk joke
5:21 Cannibal Corpse joke
5:44 Ibanez joke
6:22 Dream Theater joke
6:55 QOTSA joke
7:19 Dragonforce joke
7:53 AC/DC joke
8:15 Elvis Presley joke
8:26 Avenged Sevenfold joke
8:53 Slipknot joke
9:10 Slash joke
9:59 Deftones joke
10:12 Outro

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