Metallica – Turn the Page Uncensored


The video “Metallica – Turn the Page Uncensored” featured on Metalheadrock is an uncensored version of Metallica’s music video for their song “Turn the Page.” The video is more powerful and convincing than the “softer” version.

“Turn the Page” is a song originally by Bob Seger that was covered by Metallica and released on their 1998 album “Garage Inc.” The song’s lyrics tell a story about the life of a musician on the road, and the music video reflects this theme.

The uncensored version of the video is likely more explicit and raw, providing a grittier and perhaps more realistic portrayal of the themes in the song. The exact content of the video isn’t specified in the description provided.

Please note that viewer discretion is advised when watching uncensored versions of music videos, as they may contain explicit content unsuitable for all audiences.

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