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Spiritbox – Rule of Nines – Courtney LaPlante live one take performance

Our vocalist, Courtney LaPlante doing a one-take live performance of “Rule of Nines”.

Spiritbox is an experimental metal band fronted by vocalist Courtney LaPlante, who is known for her live one take performances.

The group’s sound is a mix of metal, electronic, and ambient music with heavy inspirations from hip hop, classical, and world music. Their most famous song, “Rule of Nines,” is a heavy and dark track that showcases LaPlante’s dynamic range as she switches between clean singing, intense screams and raps.

The song has become a staple of their live sets, and is always well-received by audiences. LaPlante’s live one take performance of “Rule of Nines” is captivating, as she starts off with clean singing and slowly builds up the intensity until the final chorus where she lets out a powerful scream. Her vocals are supported by the band’s heavy, driving instrumentals that create an intense atmosphere that is further amplified by the energy of the crowd.

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