The Demon, The Angel, The Disease | Blood Mortized

Blood Mortized

Blood MortizedAfter 4 demos and 3 full cd’s, Swedish Blood Mortized released their 4th “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease” on the 29th of november 2013. This release did not receive many reviews. Strange thing because a lot van be said about this great album. This is great Swedish death metal (gsdm).

First of all, producer Linus Nirbrant (from This Ending and producer for amongst others CrashdΓ―et and Amon Amarth) Β managed to give the album a massive, compact and very aggressive style. The drums are powerfull and sound like canon shots on a sunday morning. The wall of sound from the guitars is impressive and the howls from Mattias Parkkila are impressive and completely deranged.

Highlights are “Bastards”, “Master of Pain” and “My Soul, Your flesh”. See the video.

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