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Accept – Hellfest 2024 – ARTE Concert

Accept - Hellfest 2024 – ARTE Concert – Oh man, Accept at Hellfest 2024 was an absolute powerhouse performance! 🎸πŸ”₯ The German heavy metal legends truly know how to rock the stage and get the crowd going wild.

Their history filled with ups and downs, from separations to reformations, just adds that extra layer of intensity to their music. From their self-titled album in 1979 to “Humanoid” in 2024, Accept has consistently delivered hard-hitting and engaging music that has influenced big names in metal like Metallica and Guns N’ Roses 🎢.

Even after over 50 years since their inception, Accept’s magnetism hasn’t faded one bit. The energy they brought to Hellfest had metalheads screaming for more! 🀘 Wolf Hoffmann’s guitar skills were on fire, leaving everyone in awe.

The footage captured at Hellfest in Clisson on June 29, 2024, truly does justice to the electric atmosphere these metal veterans bring to the stage. Looking forward to more epic concerts like this! πŸ”₯🀘

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