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Brutus live | Rock Hard Festival 2024 | Rockpalast

Brutus live | Rock Hard Festival 2024 | Rockpalast – I just finished watching Brutus’ live performance at Rock Hard Festival 2024 on Rockpalast, and wow, they truly blew me away! 🤘

The setlist was on fire, with powerful tracks like “WAR,” “STORM,” and “SPACE” showcasing the band’s dynamic range and energy. Stefanie Mannaerts’ vocals and drumming were absolutely mesmerizing, while Peter Mulders on bass and Stijn Vanhoegaerden on guitar added depth and intensity to the performance.

Brutus’s blend of rock, metal, hardcore, and pop creates such a unique sound that defies traditional genre boundaries. It’s no wonder they’ve garnered attention from heavyweights like Lars Ulrich and Greg Puciato!

It’s fascinating to learn about their journey from forming in 2013 to rocking out at major festivals and releasing albums like “Nest” and “Unison Life.” The band’s evolution and growth shine through their electrifying live performances.

I’m definitely diving deeper into Brutus’s discography after this stellar show. Rock on! 🎸#Brutus #RockHardFestival #Rockpalast

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