Ghost – Phantom Of The Opera

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🎸🔥 Ghost, the Grammy Award-winning band, has just dropped a fresh cover of Iron Maiden’s iconic track ‘Phantom of the Opera.’ This classic tune originally featured on Iron Maiden’s debut self-titled album. Ghost’s rendition of the song is part of their new EP, “Phantomime,” a collection of five cover songs. 🎧🎶

The “Phantomime” EP is a follow-up to Ghost’s internationally acclaimed album “Impera” from last year. The EP showcases a diverse range of covers, encapsulating the band’s unique musical DNA. From Television and Genesis to The Stranglers, Iron Maiden, and even Tina Turner, Ghost pays homage to these varied influences while infusing each track with their distinctive sound. 🎵🌟

The tracklist for “Phantomime” includes:

  1. See No Evil (originally by TELEVISION)
  2. Jesus He Knows Me (originally by GENESIS)
  3. Hanging Around (originally by THE STRANGLERS)
  4. Phantom Of the Opera (originally by IRON MAIDEN)
  5. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) (originally by Tina Turner)

Ghost’s cover of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and the entire “Phantomime” EP are a testament to the band’s ability to honor the classics while making them their own. So, metalheads, tune in and rock out to Ghost’s latest offering! 🤘💥

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