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Vredehammer Returns with ‘The Joker’: A Tribute to 90’s Swedish Death Metal

Vredehammer - The Joker

🎸 Alright, metalheads! Let’s dive into the review of Vredehammer’s latest single, “The Joker.” 🤘

Album Overview: Vredehammer, a prominent name in Norway’s extreme metal scene, has marked their return with “The Joker,” their first new music since the 2020 album “Viperous.” The track is a tribute to the 90’s Swedish death metal scene and showcases the band’s technical prowess in full force.

Track Breakdown: “The Joker” stands out with its heavy guitar riffs and groovy drum parts, featuring skank beats that pay homage to the era it celebrates. Per Valla’s intricate guitar work and haunting vocals are complemented by the ferocious drumming of Nils “Dominator” Fjellström, one of Scandinavia’s best black metal drummers.

Artistic Elements: The song is a nod to the 90s Swedish death metal scene, with its heavy guitar riffs and groovy drumming. Per Valla comments on the track’s inspiration and style, emphasizing its roots in the classic death metal sound.

Production Quality: Recorded across multiple locations, including Per Valla’s home studio and Indie Recordings Studio, the single is mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen Studios. The production quality ensures that each element – from the grinding riffs to the scathing vocals – shines through with clarity and intensity.

Final Thoughts: “The Joker” is a gloriously punishing and electrifying addition to Vredehammer’s discography. The track’s blend of aggressive guitars, masterful songwriting, and black-hearted energy is sure to rev up fans of the genre. It’s a promising glimpse into what’s next for Vredehammer.

Rating: 8.5/10

Vredehammer once again proves their mettle in extreme metal, and “The Joker” is a testament to their continued evolution and mastery. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to their sound, this track is worth a listen.

Rock on! 🌟🎶

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