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Angra – “Cycles of Pain” Album Review

Video Thumbnail: Angra - Cycles Of Pain [Full Album]

Album Overview: Angra, the stalwart Brazilian prog/power metal outfit, returns with their tenth full-length album, “Cycles of Pain.” This album is a testimony to Angra’s ability to evolve and experiment within their established sound while staying true to their roots. It’s an album that encapsulates both the brilliance that led them to a prominent role in the metal world and the imperfections inherited by dubious management and musical direction

Track Breakdown: The album’s arrangements are familiar to Angra’s followers, with the exotic, non-metal elements ever-present. Tracks like “Riding Into the Storm” and “Faithless Sanctuary” showcase the band’s epic atmosphere and grandiose elements, elevating the record to an above-par level. The title track and “Here in the Now” take a slower and more emotional approach, delving into introspective and melancholic territory. These songs are highlighted by the proficient drumming of Bruno Valverde and bassist Felipe Andreol​

Artistic Elements: The album uniquely blends Brazilian rhythms and melodies, paying homage to their cultural roots. Cycles of Pain” explores Brazilian music elements, infusing characteristic Brazilian rhythms and melodies into the album. Songs like “Vida Seca” incorporate nature sounds and feature Brazilian music legend Lenine. The album also features guest vocalists Fernanda Lira (Crypta), Mayara Puertas (Torture Squad), and Amanda Somerville (solo, Kiske/Somerville, ex-Aina​

Production Quality: The production focuses on melody, featuring ferocious guitar leads and growling bass pulses.

Final Thoughts: “Cycles of Pain” is a testament to Angra’s mastery in blending prog and power metal elements. It’s a rich tapestry of musical exploration despite some inconsistencies.

Rating: 9/10

Angra’s “Cycles of Pain” is a commendable addition to their discography, offering a diverse approach to power metal.

Rock on! 🌟🎶

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