Who is the best drummer of the big four (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax)?


Undoubtedly, the Big Four of Thrash Metal (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax) have been a legendary force in the history of metal. During the 1980s and beyond, these four bands were pioneers of the thrash and speed metal genre, often called the “big four of thrash.” With their pioneering of a new sound, it is no surprise that the members of these four bands have been heralded as some of the best musicians in heavy metal. In this blog post, we will discuss the best drummer of the Big Four.

We will be looking at the contributions of each of the four bands, as well as the skill and technicality of the drummers themselves. We will be discussing their individual and collective influence on the Heavy Metal genre and the legacy that they have left. We will also examine which drummer stands out from the four and can be considered the best.

Dave Lombardo of Slayer

Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo is perhaps the most iconic drummer of the “Big Four”. He is a Cuban-American drummer best known for his work with Slayer. Lombardo is renowned for his incredible technique, and his style is often described as aggressive, precise, and powerful. Lombardo has an extensive discography, having released many albums with Slayer and albums with Fantomas, Testament, Grip Inc, and numerous other bands. He has also been featured on several soundtracks, including “The Expendables” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops”. Lombardo has been nominated for two Grammys and is considered one of the greatest drummers.

Dave Lombardo is widely regarded as one of the greatest drummers of all time, and his skill and precision are especially evident in the pioneering thrash metal band Slayer. Lombardo was the perfect fit for Slayer, marrying aggressive, technical drumming with lightning-fast tempos and rhythms. His ability to drive Slayer’s songs forward is the key to their success, and it’s clear he significantly influenced the entire thrash metal genre. Lombardo is undeniably one of the best drummers of the “Big 4,” and his work with Slayer should inspire all aspiring drummers.

Dave Lombardo is a highly acclaimed and influential musician, best known as the former drummer and songwriter of the thrash metal band Slayer. Lombardo began his career playing in local bands before joining Slayer in 1981. He is widely credited with establishing the fast and aggressive drumming style that has become the benchmark for thrash metal. He has also contributed to the band’s success, having composed and arranged several songs. He left the band in 2013 to pursue other projects, such as drumming with the groups Fantômas and Dead Cross. Lombardo has won several awards and accolades for his contribution to thrash metal and his impressive drumming abilities. He has toured extensively and performed in many iconic festivals, including the Big 4 Thrash Metal tour. He has also collaborated with well-known artists such as Tom Morello and Phil Ansel.

Lars Ulrich of Metallica

Lars Ulrich of Metallica is a legendary metal drummer widely acclaimed for his style, technique, and ability to create a powerful groove. With fast, precise, and thunderous double bass drumming, Ulrich has a unique style that has been widely imitated. He is also known for his upbeat attitude, as he often makes jokes and engages with the audience to keep his energy level high. In addition to his drumming, he also writes some of the band’s lyrics and melodies, making him a pivotal contributor to Metallica’s sound.

Nick Menza of Megadeth

Nick Menza, the former drummer of Megadeth, is best known for his virtuosic performance on the band’s classic albums from the ‘90s. His technical proficiency and creativity in the drumming parts on albums like Rust In Peace and Countdown to Extinction make him a standout among the Big Four drummers. He was also known for his onstage energy and presence, which helped Megadeth become one of the era’s most popular thrash metal bands. Menza’s intense energy and technical skill make him one of the Big Four’s most remarkable drummers.

Charlie Benante of Anthrax

Charlie Benante, the drummer of Anthrax, is a powerhouse of metal music. He is renowned for his intense double bass work and precise and intricate fills. He is also a master of the groove, playing with a wide range of dynamics that allows him to adapt to any style of music. Furthermore, he is known for his remarkable stamina and is considered a compelling live performer. His style is an integral part of Anthrax’s sound, and he is undoubtedly one of the best drummers of the Big Four.

Considerations for determining the “best” drummer

To determine the best drummer of the Big Four, one must consider several aspects of a drummer’s skill and influence. This includes technical proficiency, stylistic contributions, and songwriting contributions. One must also consider the drummer’s impact on the band’s overall sound and its influence on other drummers. Finally, one should consider the longevity and consistency of the drummer’s contributions to the band and their impact on the genre. These five considerations are essential when answering the question, “What is the best drummer of the Big Four?”

In conclusion, it is impossible to definitively name the best drummer of the Big Four. 😂 Reply below if you have a preference 👍👍

Each drummer brings their unique style and skill set to the table; all four have contributed to the success of their respective bands. From Lars Ulrich’s thunderous drums on “Master of Puppets” to Dave Lombardo’s lightning-fast blast beats on “Angel of Death”, the Big Four have each produced some of the most iconic and influential metal albums of all time. As long as the metal is alive and well, the Big Four will continue to be remembered as some of the greatest metal bands ever.

Other Metal Titans Behind the Drums

Gene Hoglan: The Atomic Clock

Known for his work with Death, Gene Hoglan is a master of complex rhythms. His precision is so impeccable that he’s often called the “Atomic Clock.” Hoglan’s contribution to the metal world is significant, and his drumming techniques continue to inspire many up-and-coming drummers.

Tomas Haake: The Polyrhythmic Maestro

Tomas Haake, the drummer for Meshuggah, has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in metal with his polyrhythmic playing style. His unique approach to drumming has defined Meshuggah’s sound and influenced a whole generation of drummers.

Joey Jordison: The Speed Demon

Formerly of Slipknot, Joey Jordison is renowned for his blistering speed and technical skill. His live performances, often featuring a rotating, elevating drum riser, are a spectacle. Jordison’s impact on the metal scene is undeniable, and his legacy inspires drummers worldwide.

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