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Off The Cross and friends – Dance Macabre (quarantine cover)


We did a thing and invited A LOT of friends. This one is for all the bands and crew we miss. Hope to share stages and beers again soon.

Eternal gratitude to mix overlord Bob Briessinck / Breeze inc. for making this pile of chaotic recordings sound HUGE!
Mastering by the master himself Yarne Heylen / Project Zero Studio.

Thanks to Ghost for writing this epic and catchy anthem.


Off The Cross – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

Kris Martens (Tangled Horns – Diablo Blvd.) – Tambourine
Jason Bernard (King Hiss) – Cymbal awesomeness
Coen Janssen (Epica) – Organs
Casper De Decker (Hamelin, Rānn) – Grand piano
Servaas Steurbaut (Bizkit Park – Bulls On Parade) – Shaker and floor toms
Jonas Wolf (Eluveitie – Illumishade) – Guitar solo
Isaac Delahaye (Epica) – Guitar solo outro

Jan Coudron (King Hiss, Carneia)
Alex Agnew (Diablo Blvd.)
Dani Hart
Sven De Caluwé (Aborted)
Jeroen Vranken (Arson)
Jeroen Camerlynck (Fleddy Melculy)
Simon Duson (Carnation)

Professional models:
Jurgen, Bart, Tom, Jordy, Arne, Rani, Tim, Wim, Steven

Can’t wait to be wit(c)h you. ❤️❤️❤️




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