Slough Feg -Digital Resistance

- SloughFeg DigitalResistance - Slough Feg -Digital Resistance

For those who love old 70’s like hardrock mixed with early heavy metal influences, is at the right address with “Slough Feg’s” “Digital Resistance”.
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Slough Feg (also known as The Lord Weird Slough Feg) is a heavy metal band that formed in Pennsylvania in the early 1990s and is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Taking their name from the Celtic folklore-influenced comic Sláine. Their music is somewhat anachronistic : it reminds of the early Maiden en Thin Lizzy but they only started in the beginning of the nineties.

Slough Feg is:
Mike Scalzi – Guitars/Vocals
Angelo Tringali – Guitars
Adrian Maestas – Bass
Harry Cantwell – Drums

This new album exposes again the old style and mastery of the band for oldschool hardrock. The record was recorded with Justin Weis (who produced the album with vocalist/guitarist Mike Scalzi) at Trakworx in South San Francisco from January-October 2013 andmarks the band’s first new studio album since 2010′s “The Animal Spirits.”

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