Samael – Lex Mundi

Lex Mundi

Lex MundiLex Mundi from Samael was released on the 29th of january 2011 by Nuclear Blast.

The album represents a different style with the earlier work like “Worship Him (1991)” and “Blood Ritual 1992” and fans from those days will certainly have issues with this album that seems to be more “mainstream”. Compared to “Above 2009”, this is a slow album with more dark, atmospheric passages and normalΒ rythmes (< 200 bpm). Does that mean that the album is “too” commercially oriented ?

Well that is for me not the case. The music that is presented on this album goes where “Rammstein” does not wander. A “better” metal version of Rammstein.The same athmosphere, the same feeling but extremer. Check here for an audio fragment.

1. Luxferre 3:49
2. Let My People Be! 3:48
3. Of War 3:41
4. Antigod 4:03
5. For a Thousand Years 4:54
6. The Shadow of the Sword 3:49
7. In The Deep 4:01
8. Mother Night 4:18
9. Pagan Trance 4:19
10. In Gold We Trust 3:28
11. Soul Invictus 4:18
12. The Truth Is Marching on 4:29

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