Last Patrol: Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet

“Last Patrol” is the 10th (or 9th) studio album from New Jersey’s Monster Magnet, masters of the fusion between rock’n roll, psychedelia, heavy metal and punk.

And it has truly become a return to the roots of the band, back to the nineties when they were the next big thing. But they still are. Like singer Wyndorf says :Β β€œIt’s a weird trip through the back alleys of a dark, retro-future, which not by coincidence very much resembles my own life. The lyrics aren’t fantasy really, rather a recounting of my musings on, observations of and general emotional reaction to my life and environment during a 1 week writing period in February of 2013. But I tend to use the vernacular and imagery of science fiction and surrealism to express myself and that’s where these lyrics get trippy.”

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