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Voice of Baceprot – The Enemy of Earth is You

voice of baceprot
Voice of Baceprot

The all-female Indonesian heavy metal band Voice of Baceprot, formed by Firda Marsya Kurnia, Widi Rahmawati, and Euis Siti Aisyah, uses their music as a vehicle for social change, focusing on issues like women’s rights and climate change. Their music has empowered them personally, and aims to do the same for others, despite the initial lack of support from their rural community in West Java.


  • 🎸 The band Voice of Baceprot was formed in 2014 by three teenagers, Firda Marsya Kurnia, Widi Rahmawati, and Euis Siti Aisyah, from a rural town in West Java, Indonesia.
  • 🎵 Their music genre is heavy metal, which they were introduced to by their middle school guidance counselor, Ahba Erza.
  • 👩‍🎤 The band members view their music as a medium for honesty with themselves and the world around them.
  • 🎤 The band hopes to inspire change, particularly regarding women’s rights and climate change, through their music and by partnering with organizations and raising money for causes they believe in.
  • 🙅 They credit their music for giving them the courage to resist underage marriage and a way to express their emotions, as well as supporting other women’s movements.
  • 🌍 Despite resistance in their conservative hometown, they have pursued music and advocacy.
  • 🎹 Voice of Baceprot is working on their first album, and they credit their unity and ‘sisterhood’ as the foundation of their success.
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