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PRONG – State Of Emergency (Official Lyric Video)

PRONG - State Of Emergency (Official Lyric Video)
PRONG - State Of Emergency (Official Lyric Video)

Tommy Victor, the mastermind of Prong, presents “State of Emergency,” an album that evokes the cherished moments of metal’s prime, channeling the spirit of the ’90s with a contemporary flair. This creation stands as a tribute to Victor’s relentless passion for metal. Dominated by intense guitar riffs, the album exudes a palpable sense of urgency, encapsulating the core of what Prong represents.

Kicking off with “The Descent,” the album immediately establishes its mood, merging rapid tempos with hardcore nuances, all underscored by a profound bass resonance. For those with a penchant for groove metal tinged with an alt-rock vibe, tracks like “State Of Emergency” and “Breaking Point” will undoubtedly hit the mark. Adding a touch of the unexpected, the band’s take on Rush’s “Working Man” highlights their knack for giving age-old classics a Prong twist.

Of course, musical perfection is subjective. While most tracks are stellar, a couple might not strike a chord with every ear. That’s the charm of music; it’s a deeply personal experience.

Delving further, the album’s adaptability shines through. Whether it’s the hardcore echoes of NYC in “Lights Turn Black” or the alternative rock vibes in “Compliant,” Prong demonstrates their prowess in navigating across musical landscapes without losing their signature touch.

At its core, “State of Emergency” is a formidable chapter in Prong’s musical journey. It’s genuine, vibrant, and filled with the zeal that could rekindle anyone’s love for metal. If you’re searching for a sonic adventure that melds history with today, this album beckons. So, gear up, amplify the sound, and immerse yourself in metal! 🎧🤟

Track-by-Track Review:

  1. The Descent: A powerful opener that sets the stage with its fusion of speed and hardcore elements.
  2. State Of Emergency: A groove metal gem with an alternative touch.
  3. Breaking Point: A testament to Victor’s passion, brimming with energy.
  4. Non-Existence: A deep dive into Prong’s roots, showcasing their unique sound.
  5. Light Turns Black: A nod to NYC hardcore vibes, this track is a rollercoaster of emotions.
  6. Who Told Me: A slow burner that grows on you with each listen.
  7. Obeisance: A bold blend of metal and electronics.
  8. Disconnected: Raw and gritty, resonating with Prong’s ethos.
  9. Compliant: An alt-rock jewel that showcases Prong’s versatility.
  10. Back (NYC): A tribute to the city that never sleeps, filled with passion.
  11. Working Man [Rush cover]: Prong’s unique spin on this timeless classic.
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