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MYRKUR – Mothlike (Official Music Video)

MYRKUR - Mothlike (Official Music Video)
MYRKUR - Mothlike (Official Music Video)
Pre-Order 'Spine' Here: Digital Downloads/Streaming: Subscribe to Relapse Records Channel: New MYRKUR full-length 'Spine' out October 20 on LP/DLX LP/CD/DLX CD/CS/Digital. Production : Abyssal ( Producer : Giuseppe Conti (@abyssaljuice) Line Producer : Antoine Desaintghislain (@antoine_dstg) Production assistant : Julien Vanleu (@juvanleu) Location manager : Romain Bertouille Director : David Fitt (@davidfitt) Director assistant : Alexandre Bancel Casting : Anne Jacques (@anne_jacques_2) DOP : Maximiliaan Dierickx (@maximiliaan) 1st camera assistant : Benjamin Hautenauve (@hautenauvebenjamin) 2nd camera assistant : Nathan Larbouillat (@nathanlarbouillat) Steadycam : Nicolas Savary (@nicolas_savary_steadicam) Gaffer : Dirk Van Rampelbergh (@dirkvanrampelbergh) Key grip : Lucas Gonzalez (@gripsonmoving) Grip : Benoit Derick Set decorator : Dieter Blonde (@dieterblonde) SFX : Level 9 (@level9sfx) Stylist : Sarah Battilana (@sarah_bsj) Stylist assistant : Nell Geerard (@nellgd) Hairdresser : Lena Doryn (@lenadoryn) Editor : Maria Alejandra Zuniga (@alejandra_zuniga_d) Color grading : Maximiliaan Dierick (@maximiliaan) Extras : Avertuj Charlie, Avertus Pascal, Bays Claude, Billen Damien, Decant Marie Lou, Draye Michele, Jaubin Isabelle, Jourquin Gwendoline, Kolek Konrad, Lainé Bianca, Palma Anthony, Thiry Bernard, Vincx Elodie. Official Links: Myrkur Official Website: Myrkur on Bandcamp: Myrkur on Facebook: Myrkur on Instagram: Myrkur on Apple Music: Myrkur on Spotify: #Myrkur #Spine #RelapseRecords

If you’re on the lookout for an album that seamlessly blends folk, prog, and metal, then Myrkur’s latest release, “Spine”, is a must-listen. This Danish artist, known for her unique soundscapes, has once again delivered an enthralling and cinematic masterpiece.

Album Overview 🌌

“Spine” is a journey through Myrkur’s personal experiences, especially the birth of her child and the whirlwind of emotions that followed. The album starts with an instrumental track, “Bålfærd”, which translates to a “Viking funeral” in Danish, symbolizing both an end and a new beginning. Recorded in the renowned Sundlaugin studio in Iceland, “Spine” is a testament to Myrkur’s evolution as an artist.

The album delves deep into themes of human connection, especially between a mother and child, juxtaposed against a world grappling with the pandemic and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Myrkur’s pristine vocals guide listeners through a range of emotions, from bliss and anxiety to grief and intimacy.

Track-by-Track Review 🎵

  1. Bålfærd – A haunting instrumental that sets the tone for the entire album. 🌌
  2. Like Humans – A track that speaks of Myrkur’s struggle with isolation and her journey to reconnect with humanity. 🌍
  3. Mothlike – A blend of pop noir with a touch of ABBA-esque groove. 🦋
  4. My Blood Is Gold – A powerful anthem celebrating the essence of being. 💛
  5. Spine – The title track that encapsulates the album’s core themes. 🌟
  6. Valkyriernes Sang – Sung in Danish, this track revisits Myrkur’s connection with Scandic mythology. 🛡️
  7. Blazing Sky – A song that combines monolithic metal riffs with a transcendent chorus. 🔥
  8. Devil in the detail – A deeper dive into the intricacies of life and emotions. 😈
  9. Menneskebarn – A beautiful conclusion to the album, leaving listeners in contemplation. 🌙

In conclusion, “Spine” is not just an album; it’s an experience. Myrkur has once again showcased her ability to transcend genres and create music that resonates on a deeply personal level. If you’re in the mood for introspective tunes that blend folk, metal, and prog, give “Spine” a spin. You won’t be disappointed! 🎧🤟

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