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Green Lung’s ‘This Heathen Land’: A Mesmerizing Journey Through Occult Hard Rock

Green Lung - This Heathen Land (Official Full Album Stream)
Green Lung - This Heathen Land (Official Full Album Stream)

Green Lung’s album “This Heathen Land” is a tour-de-force of occult hard rock, seamlessly blending elements of ‘70s rock, folklore, and the occult with the band’s distinctive doom-inflected style. Released by Nuclear Blast Records, it is the band’s third project and followed the highly successful album “Black Harvest”.

The album kicks off with a mysterious prologue that sets the stage for the journey ahead through Occult Albion. From the catchy, pop-infused track “Maxine” to the mournful tones of “One For Sorrow,” and from the energetic “Hunters in the Sky” to the serene, folky “Song of the Stones,” the album manages to span a wide range of musical emotions while maintaining a cohesive narrative.

The musicianship is a high point of this album, with Green Lung demonstrating their prowess on every track. Standout elements include exceptional guitar and keyboard solos, powerful vocals by Tom Templar, and the rhythm section’s tight, pounding beats.

The album evokes a folk horror atmosphere with its occult and spooky themes, overlaying catchy riffs and hooks to create a supremely listenable heavy metal experience. Green Lung is poised to inherit the British Doom crown defined by Black Sabbath, combining the best of British Isles’ folklore with their own unique brand of heavy metal.

In summary, “This Heathen Land” is a fantastic album that showcases Green Lung’s talent for balancing the eerie allure of occult themes with the energetic verve of rock music. With its engrossing narrative and magnetic performances, it is an album that will no doubt make it onto many people’s Album of the Year lists. It’s not just a heathen land; it’s a land with great music.

The album contains the following tracks: 1. Prologue 2. The Forest Church 3. Mountain Throne 4. Maxine (Witch Queen) 5. One for Sorrow 6. The Ritual 7. The Harrowing 8. The Coven 9. The Huntress 10. Epilogue

According to a review by Angry Metal Guy, the album is available worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records[2]. The album is also available for pre-order on the Nuclear Blast USA website[3]. The album has received positive reviews, with describing it as “something special”[6]. The full album is available for streaming on YouTube[5]. Citations: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

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