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🔥🎸 DUST BOLT – Burning Pieces (2023) Review 🌟

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DUST BOLT’s 2023 release, “Burning Pieces,” is a scorching testament to the band’s evolution and prowess in the thrash metal genre. Brimming with relentless energy, this album showcases a blend of traditional thrash elements with a modern, gritty twist. It’s a rollercoaster ride of breakneck riffs, thunderous drumming, and raw, commanding vocals.

Track Breakdown

  1. Title Track – “Burning Pieces”:
    • A ferocious opener, setting the tone with its blistering guitar work and potent vocal delivery.
  2. “Echoes of the Void”:
    • Features intricate guitar solos and a rhythmic complexity that adds depth to the album.
  3. “The Final Collapse”:
    • A standout track with its melodic undercurrent, showcasing the band’s ability to blend aggression with harmony.
  4. “Shattered Existence”:
    • A high-octane number with relentless drumming and a catchy chorus, embodying the spirit of modern thrash.
  5. “Resurrected by Hate”:
    • A darker, moodier piece, it demonstrates the band’s range and depth in songwriting.

Artistic Elements

DUST BOLT’s “Burning Pieces” goes beyond mere technical proficiency. The album’s thematic exploration of chaos, societal downfall, and personal struggle is conveyed through powerful lyrical content and a well-crafted sonic atmosphere. The band’s use of dynamic shifts within songs keeps the listener engaged and reflects their maturity as musicians.

Production Quality

The production of “Burning Pieces” is top-notch. The mix balances clarity and raw power, allowing each instrument to shine while maintaining the gritty essence of thrash metal. The drums sound particularly impactful, and the guitar tones are razor-sharp yet full-bodied.

Final Thoughts

“Burning Pieces” by DUST BOLT is a triumph in the world of thrash metal. It skillfully bridges the gap between old-school aggression and contemporary musicality. The album is a must-listen for genre fans, offering a refreshing yet nostalgic experience. It’s a powerful statement from a band that clearly knows its roots and isn’t afraid to push boundaries.


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 9/10

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