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Raining Blood — Slayer, Orchestral Arrangement II


Raining Blood —
A song by Slayer arranged for symphony orchestra by Kostas Rekleitis, he is a freelancer composer and orchestrator based in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.
Equally comfortable with music beyond the concert hall, Kostas has written music for theatre, art exhibitions, and made numerous orchestral arrangements; his main interest lies on art song where he combines poetry and music.

This is work for educational, non-profit, purposes and it can used towards any metal/thrash research. The arrangement is enriched by variations of the introductory riff found mainly on woodwinds and brass. The various sound effects are orchestral pitch percussions such crotales played with a bow, vibraphone, etc. The use of the non so common waterphone can be replaced by rubbing a tamtam with a superball mallet.

This arrangement is part of the work “Hard Orchestration Op. 64” which consists of 6 orchestral pieces
i Hallowed be Thy Name — Iron Maiden
ii Raining Blood — Slayer
iii Rainbow in the Dark — Dio
iv I’m Alive — Helloween
v Heaven and Hell — Black Sabbath
vi Pull Me Under — Dream Theater

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