Malignancy Bassist Joins CRATOR / Band to Perform at Hothfest on January 14


New York City Death Metal Outfit CRATOR is pleased to announce the addition of Monty Mukerji (MALIGNANCY, ex-MORTAL DECAY ex-POLTERCHRIST) as the quartet’s full-time bass player. Monty’s work needs no introduction and is a welcomed addition to the CRATOR ranks. More than just emulating the bass lines of Colin Marston (session player on the album), Monty brings his own chaotic and unique style to the maelstrom. With the lineup now at critical mass, the band is ready to take The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy out of the studio and onto the stage.

CRATOR will unleash the maelstrom at its upcoming performance at HOTHFEST 2017 (Jan 14-15). The band will perform on January 14, along with INTERNAL BLEEDING, PYREXIA, MALIGNANCY, DYSENTERY, and several other heavy hitters. Fest details can be found at this location.

CRATOR debut album The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy is out now and streaming in its entirety at the following location:

Also featuring drummer John Longstreth (ORIGIN), vocalist Jason Keyser (ORIGIN), and guitarist Jeff Leifer (TENTACLES), CRATOR plays a belligerent anti-form of technical Death Metal. Those seeking a truly fresh, mind-bending, and utterly destructive brand of Tech-Death are strongly encourage to give this band a listen. Ready yourself for the sounds of subterranean howls, clashing machinery, and putrefied harmonies; in other words, the sounds of an accursed death force sharpening its blades!

The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy was recorded at The Thousand Caves in Queens, NY. Colin Marston handled all engineering and mastering duties, as well as playing bass on the album. The album was produced by CRATOR guitarist Jeff Leifer.

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