Backward Priests (Eyes wide shut)

Eyes Wide Shut

Nice fact. Some of you probably remember the film “Eyes Wide Shut” (with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman). And you might also remember the bizarre music when the masked ball was opened.

Numerous artists have always been intrigued by the supposed “mystery” behind Eyes Wide Shut and The backward Priest song. However, in reality, a lot of people just don’t know the meaning behind these much-talked about pieces of media.

Introduction: What is Eyes Wide Shut?

keywords: Eyes Wide Shut, a 1999 film by acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick, is widely acclaimed as one of the most beautifully cinematic movies ever made. It is a drama that takes place in New York City with many witty and memorable quotes to ponder.

Plot of Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut is a film released in 1999. It was directed by Stanley Kubrick and starred Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. The movie is about a married couple that goes to a masked fancy dress ball where they are invited into the world of the wealthy and elite.

The movie starts with Dr Bill Hartford taking his wife Alice on holiday to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Once they arrive at the hotel, Alice tries to make contact with an old friend but she can’t find her anywhere. After being given a tour of the hotel, they meet a man who says he knows Alice’s friend and offers them tickets for the fancy dress ball that night. They both agree to go as it will be their first time attending one of these events.

At the party, they arrive late so most people have already left. However, they soon find that the party is more fun than they expected as there are still a few people who stayed back and offered food and drinks.

The Backward Priest Song in Eyes Wide Shut

Now here are the facts. The song is an old Romanian Greek-Orthodox song that was remastered by Jocelyn Pook on the album “Deluge” in 1997.

The song was originally titled “Backwards Priests” and was about how the church often turns a blind eye to abuse. The band felt that the lyrics on the album were already too dark, so they changed the title to “What A Shame” as a way of lightening things up.

Quite astonishing is that the text of this song was recorded and played backwards in the film. The original version was in Romanian. That gives this song a creepy and epic dimension.