Resolution – Lamb Of God


resolutionRelease : january 24, 2012

My first idea when I was listening to this album was : wow. The typical Lamb of God sound struck me inmediately and the production seemed to be organised to the perfection.There’s hypnotic rhythms, excellent guitar solos, outstanding vocals, and diversity.Β All the songs bath in speed and strikening riffs and not one song seems to be weaker or worse than the other.

Then, after listening to it 5 of 6 times, my interest was going down. As if i recognised that this was a normal LOG album. Without any suprises, except for the guitar solos (this has to be a new evolution). What seemed to be the most appealing attribute (all the songs at the same level of quality), became the reason my interest was going down. Not one song is exceptional and gets stuck in my metalhead.

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