The band was first formed in 1991. They were originally called “Black Funeral” but they eventually changed their name to “Enslaved”. Their first album, Vikingligr Veldi, was released in 1993 and is one of their most iconic albums.

Enslaved is a Norwegian metal band that was originally formed in 1992. The group’s name comes from the Norwegian word for β€œenslavement”. Originally named Black Funeral, the band changed their name after releasing Vikingligr Veldi (1993). This album is one of their most iconic albums.

In 1991, a metal band from Norway called ENSLAVED were on the brink of bankruptcy because they had amassed significant debt. However, their fortunes turned when they started to use the money that they got from their record company to invest in vinyl records and CDs. And now, it’s been almost 30 years since ENSLAVED were released from their financial woes and they are one of the most successful metal bands of all time.

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