Behemoth is a Polish heavy metal band that came into the spotlight around 1990. They are one of the most influential bands in Poland, and in Europe.

The band was founded by Nergal (lead vocalist and guitarist) and drummer, Adam “Atom” Darski in their hometown of Gdansk. The band’s name came from a Bible story about the a two-headed demon named Behemoth.

Behemoth has recorded 12 albums over their career. They have also won awards such as MTV Europe Music Award for Best Polish Act and nine Fryderyk Awards, which are Polish music awards equivalent to the American Grammy Awards.

Nergal is the lead vocalist of the band and is known for his anti-religious lyrics and being diagnosed with leukemia. Behemoth has released 12 studio albums to date including their latest album “The Satanist” which peaked at #4 on Billboard charts for Best Metal Albums.

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