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Irene Ketikidi – Live at Piraeus Club Academy

Irene Ketikidi - Live at Piraeus Club Academy
Irene Ketikidi - Live at Piraeus Club Academy

Welcome to my first recorded full live performance!

The video was filmed at a sold-out gig in Athens, Greece on 30th November, 2023. For those of you who haven’t seen me live before, you’ll get to know me and my stage show a little better. For those of you who’ve already been to a show, well let’s have another round, in film this time 🙂

We decided to name the event ‘Guitar Experience’, and it happily turned out to be just that. Many thanks to all the lovely people who showed up and enjoyed our music, not just our guitar licks and tricks. It means the world to us. To the next one! 🍻

00:00 Intro – Distance
05:31 Stardust
12:47 MAGGOTS (with intro)
20:06 A Church for All
27:20 Snake Eyes

Filmed by Alex Haritakis and Christos Burelias from Archlabyrinth
Live sound, mix and master by Kyriakos Asteriou
Lights by Melina Zervaki

My wonderful band ⬇️
Drums: Kal Drako
Guitar: Dennis Morfis
Bass: Kostis Vihos

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● Special thanks to the following lovely people ●
– Sofia Kouroumali for the event management, logistics, promo, also for being a wonderful human being overall.
– Nikos for taking care of our merch.
– Chronis & Anastasia at Piraeus Club Academy for their hospitality.
– Apostolos Liagkas for the event poster photography.
– Cristina Alossi for the amazing live photos.
– Kyriakos Asteriou for the live sound.
– Vasilis Skouras for the stage gear and technical management.
– Antonis Monkis for the stage monitoring.
– Melina Zervaki for the light design and operation.
– Our incredible sponsors
Prova Music Studios |
Spirtokouto bar & Nick Kipraios |
Sklavos Guitar and Bass Workshop |
Tsakalis AudioWorks |
VS Audio Effects |

Finally, sending all my love, thanks and hugs to my guitar buddies and amazing players @FoivosZacharopoulos, @FotisDelinikolas and @kfitost . Putting this Guitar Experience festival together with you all was truly an EXPERIENCE. 😍

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