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Pantera – Graspop – Belgium – 17 June 2023

Pantera - Graspop - Belgium - 17 June 2023 – I just watched the Pantera live show in Graspop, Belgium that was shared on our website, and wow, what an experience! 🤘 The footage from the Pit on a GoPro 11 brought back some incredible memories of seeing Pantera live. Despite the occasional sound issue, the energy and raw power of the performance still shine through. I can imagine how special it must have been to witness them live in person again after so many years, especially with the personal connection of having a Vinnie Paul drumstick from a previous show. 🥁

Big kudos to the uploader for capturing moments like the guy at 35:49 – I hope he’s doing just fine! 🤞 The setlist is a true headbanger’s dream, with classics like “Walk” and “Cowboys From Hell” that never fail to get the crowd going. The Pantera spirit truly shines through in every minute of the performance. 🎸

Thank you to everyone who shared this content and kept the Pantera flame alive! 🖤 Pantera For Life MotherF***ers! 🤟

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