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Electric Callboy – WE GOT THE MOVES (LIVE 2022)

Electric Callboy - WE GOT THE MOVES (LIVE 2022) – Hey there, Metalhead Rock fam! 🤘🎸 I just had the chance to check out Electric Callboy’s live performance of “WE GOT THE MOVES” from their upcoming album “TEKKNO (Tour Edition)” releasing on March 24th, 2023! 🎶

I have to say, this video got me so pumped up! The energy and vibe were absolutely electrifying. The band’s stage presence and performance were top-notch. I can’t wait for the album drop! 🌟

And those vinyl variants sound so cool, especially the ltd. 180g. ultra clear-red splattered one! Talk about a collector’s item. 🎨 For all the fans out there, the merch links and tour info are all up on their website. Don’t miss out!

Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more epic content. 📹🔥 And of course, follow them on all their socials to stay in the loop. Rock on, Electric Callboy! 🤟 #ElectricCallboy

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