Eyes of A Panther by Steelpanther on America’s Got Talent

steel panther America's got talent
Steel Panther on America’s Got TalentThe: The band Steel Panther is interviewed and performs at a show. Members of the band introduce themselves and share their commitment to the heavy metal genre.

They are full-time musicians with six studio albums and a few live records, including a DVD. Their aim in participating in the show is to reach a broader audience and potentially win the competition. Their performance is met with applause and enthusiasm from the audience.

🎸 The band interviewed and performing is called Steel Panther.
🎫 The band gave Sophia and Heidi lifetime tickets and backstage passes to their shows.
🎵 The members introduced themselves: Spider plays bass, Michael Starr is the lead singer, Satchel plays guitar and handles flight bookings, and Stixx is the drummer.
🎧 The band is committed to the heavy metal genre and performs full-time.
📀 They have six full-length studio albums and a couple of live records, including a DVD.
🌐 They are on the show to reach a wider audience and “teach them the ways of heavy metal.”
🏆 Steel Panther has a strong desire to win the competition.
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