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VARG – Ewige Wacht (Official Video) | Napalm Records

VARG - Ewige Wacht (Official Video) | Napalm Records
VARG - Ewige Wacht (Official Video) | Napalm Records
New Album, Ewige Wacht, out October 13, 2023. Order here: Official VARG Merchandise Shop: Our special Thanks and appreciation goes out to everybody involved: Vikings: Mario Reumann Dieter Endres Marcel Pereira Lea Forkel Ann-Sophie Seiler Iris Hennig Irene Wehrhahn-Toth Children: Isabella Valentina Seiler Wolf Lasse Seiler Band: Florian Zack Jaqueline Seiler Philipp Seiler Ronny Garz Sebastian Rasch Additional Footage: Oliver König Video Production & direction: Jörg Schmitz Script & direction: Jaqueline Seiler Music: Varg Costumes: Mytholon, Falk F., Jaqueline Seiler Hair: Vanessa Sundermaier & Edas Hairworld Coburg Music Production by André Hofmann VARG - Wolfsfest Tour 2023 / with Nachtblut & Sagenbringer 07.10.2023 Erfurt, From Hell * 14.10.2023 Hamburg, Logo * 20.10.2023 Frankfurt, Batschkapp 21.10.2023 Bochum, Matrix ** 27.10.2023 Nürnberg, Hirsch 28.10.2023 München, Backstage Werk 10.11.2023 Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn 17.11.2023 Berlin, ORWOhaus 18.11.2023 Leipzig, Hellraiser 24.11.2023 Pratteln, Z7 25.11.2023 Wien, SimmCity *ohne Nachtblut ** ohne Sagenbringer

After thoroughly listening through the “Ewige Wacht” album by Varg, I’ve gathered some thoughts to share. The album is an adventurous journey that convincingly blends different sub-genres of metal, leaving its listeners entranced.

Varg does an incredible job of creating a potent atmosphere with their art. The evocative strains of black metal that infiltrate the tracks give the album a dark undertone, while the folk and Viking metal elements add a rich layer of depth and authenticity. There is an unmistakable rawness in the composition that speaks to the band’s authenticity and dedication to their craft.

One of the standout elements of Varg’s music is the intensity they bring to each song. Tracks like “Immer Treu” and “Eisenseite” hammer this point home with their relentless onslaught of sheer sonic power. The impactful drumming resonates through your bones, while the guttural vocals echo eerily through the soundscapes they create.

While the album is mainly heavy in nature, there are softer moments that provide a beautiful contrast. Songs like “Fylgja” showcase this aspect well, the melody undulating like a calm sea under the thunderous storm of the other tracks. The instrumental arrangements are thoughtful and nuanced, never overbearing but always adding value to the overall piece.

Collaborative tracks on this album add an extra layer of richness. Pieces like “Immer Treu (feat. Rotting Christ)” and “Fylgja (feat. Eïs, Minas Morgul, Plutonyan)” showcase how Varg’s unique sound can blend seamlessly with other artists. These collaborations serve to elevate both the individual tracks and the album as a whole.

The album’s digital availability is a huge plus. It’s excellent that Varg has made “Ewige Wacht” easily accessible for their fans via Bandcamp. The offer of unlimited streaming via the Bandcamp app, along with the possibility of a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC, and more, adds to the listener’s convenience.

The physical editions’ availability is also a significant factor, enhancing the appeal for hardcore fans and collectors. The tangible connection with the music that a physical copy provides can often further enhance a fan’s enjoyment and appreciation of the album.

One of the aspects of this album that I appreciate the most is the clear passion that Varg pours into their music. Each track feels like a labor of love, a testimony to the band’s dedication to their craft. This passion radiates from every song, enhancing the listener’s experience and making “Ewige Wacht” a truly immersive listen.

Lastly, the band’s commitment to their fans is admirable. From the list of supporters proudly displayed, it’s evident that Varg values those who value their music. This mutual respect and appreciation only make the music that much more enjoyable.

In conclusion, “Ewige Wacht” by Varg is an exceptional album that seamlessly combines various metal sub-genres to create a unique, immersive sound. Each track is thoughtfully crafted, and the band’s passion and dedication to their craft shine through. I highly recommend this album to any metal enthusiast in search of their next auditory adventure.

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