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Tyrann – “Transsylvanien”

Tyrann – “Transsylvanien”

The album “Besatt” by Tyrann, available on the platform Bandcamp, has been positively received by fans for its unique sound. It can be streamed or downloaded online, and is also purchasable as a vinyl record with a double-sided insert. One track, “Face The Tyrant,” is particularly notable for its unique chorus spelling out the band’s name.


  • 🎵 The band Tyrann has released an album called “Besatt”.
  • 😊 Fans have positively reviewed the album, describing it as “total solid gold”.
  • 🎶 One track, “Face The Tyrant,” has been singled out for its unique chorus that spells out the band’s name.
  • 📱 The album can be streamed or downloaded via the Bandcamp app.
  • 💽 High-quality downloads are available in MP3 and FLAC formats.
  • 💿 A vinyl version of the album, which includes a double-sided 12″x12″ insert, can be purchased.
  • 🚚 The vinyl album can be shipped out within three days of purchase.
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