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Sacred Outcry – Towers Of Gold (2023)

Sacred Outcry - Towers Of Gold (2023)
Sacred Outcry - Towers Of Gold (2023)

The Epic Voyage

In the vast realm of power metal, “Towers of Gold” is a testament to Sacred Outcry’s artistic prowess and relentless dedication. Released via No Remorse Records, this album invites fans to embark on an extraordinary musical journey. From the first notes, the listener is transported to a realm of mythical grandeur, where melodic riffs intertwine with soaring vocals, and thunderous drums forge a path of pure sonic power.

Sacred Outcry: The Masters of Greek Metal

A Rich Musical Heritage

Hailing from the cradle of civilization, Sacred Outcry carries the weight of Greece’s storied musical heritage. Drawing inspiration from their homeland’s ancient myths, legends, and historical events, the band weaves a sonic tapestry that transcends time and space. By infusing their music with elements of Greek mythology and history, Sacred Outcry creates a truly immersive experience that speaks to the hearts of metal enthusiasts worldwide.

Unleashing Powerful Harmonies

At the heart of Sacred Outcry’s distinctive sound lies the enchanting blend of powerful harmonies and intricate instrumentation. Led by the charismatic vocals of their frontman, the band delivers a commanding performance that resonates with raw emotion and unwavering energy. Each track immerses the listener in a symphonic world where guitar solos ignite like fiery beacons, basslines rumble with thunderous might, and keyboards paint vibrant landscapes.

A Journey Through Time and Emotion

“Towers of Gold” transcends the confines of traditional power metal, taking listeners on an unparalleled journey through time and emotion. Each track on the album is a meticulously crafted narrative, delving into profound themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the triumph of the human spirit. From the heart-wrenching balladry of “The Prophecy” to the adrenaline-fueled intensity of “In Memoriam,” Sacred Outcry’s musical odyssey leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

Band: Sacred Outcry
Album: Towers Of Gold
Country: Greece
Label: No Remorse Records


1. Through Lands Forgotten (At The Crossroads Of Fate) 00:00
2. The Flame Rekindled (Lurid Lights And Drunken Revelry) 02:13
3. The Voyage (Towards Immortality) 07:20
4. Into The Storm (Beyond The Lost Horizon) 12:31
5. Symphony Of The Night (The Curse Of The Blind) 17:11
6. A Midnight Reverie (Whispers In The Wind) 22:44
7. The Sweet Wine Of Betrayal (The Perennial Sin) 24:25
8. The City Of Stone (The Burden Of The Crownless Kings) 32:17
9. Towers Of Gold (Tempus Edax Rerum) 37:39
10. Where Crimson Shadows Dwell (And Ouroboros Dreamt) 52:31


Daniel Heiman – Vocals
Steve Lado – Guitars
George Apalodimas – Bass
Defkalion Dimos – Drums

12-string guitar on tracks 5 and 10 by Jeff Black.
Acoustic guitars on tracks 1, 5 and 6 by Yorgos Karagiannis.

Produced by George Apalodimas
Mixed and mastered by Steve Lado at SL Studio
Lead and rhythm guitars recorded at SL Studio.
Bass and orchestra recorded at The Aphelion Tower Studios.
Acoustic guitars recorded at Eightyard Studios
Orchestral arrangements by George Apalodimas and Sapfo Lignou.
Artwork by George Apalodimas.

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