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Top 10 Cliche METAL Intros


Last year I did a video showcasing some of the most cliché types of guitar solos that appear in Metal, so I thought it could be fun to follow it up by focusing on INTROS this time instead. After listening to the genre for such a long time I’ve definitely noticed a trend for starting songs in very particular ways, especially within sub-genres. Let me know if you guys dig this and perhaps I’ll turn into a mini-series! 🤘

0:00 Thrash Chokes
0:16 Blast-Off!
0:25 Big Riffs, Big Partyyyy
0:41 Clean Intro + Emotional Solo
0:58 Twin Leads
1:10 Black Metal Fluff-Fluff
1:21 Symphonic Intro
1:35 Core Vocal Call-Out
1:46 Drummer Letting Off Some Steam
1:56 Open-String Riffing

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