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MONOLORD – The Weary (Official Music Video)


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‘Your Time To Shine’ is out October 29 on Deluxe LP/LP/CD/CS/Digital

Directed by David Brodsky for MyGoodEye : Music Visuals (
Produced by Allison Woest
Cameras by David Brodsky and Allison Woest
Lighting/GE/PA by Robb Brown

Faith Kelly
Nick Bedo

Kat McLane
Robb Brown
Allison Woest

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I clench my fist under my smile
To make it last another while
Fake the fast, learning the slow
A church is burning, what a show.

Heal your wounds, the giant hole
While the heart is black and cold
A loss of words, losing again
Compromised the very end.

And all this time
Nothing feels right

See the mysteries unfold
When you do what you’ve been told
The tears you cry, trembling with shame.
The price you pay, you lost it all
Forgot to hear our nature call
I see a future left behind

And all this time
Nothing feels right

#Monolord #HeavyRock #RelapseRecords

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